occasion makeup

Think perfected skin and soft, beautiful features. Working with what ya got and making you look like you! No orange clown face up in here. Suitable for everything from your dirty 30 to your boyfriends best friends wedding.

1 HR

*I post most of my occasion makeup on Instagram: muaae


full beat

Think Instagram, cut crease, full coverage, contour on top of contour and so much glitter and highlighter you will blind your enemies. I'm down for whatever! But as always tailored to your preference. Pretty much the "Occasion Makeup" Amplified.

1 HR 15 MIN

*I post most of my glam makeup on Instagram: muaae


formal makeup

For all of those leavers ladies out there wanting to "leave"high school better than how they entered Grade 7. Tailored to your aesthetic preference and built to last! (even after a 4PK of Guava Cruisers at the after party)

1 HR

*I post most of my formal makeup on Instagram: muaae


makeup lesson

No longer will you have a melt down trying to attempt that winged liner! Whether you want to brush the cob webs off of your cosmetic bag, get a new look, or pick up some new tips and tricks, the makeup lesson is designed to teach you your daily makeup fundamentals! Tailored to you and your lifestyle.

1 HR 30 MIN


weddiNgs & bridal

I LOVE a good wedding! Please contact me on alexandraedwardsmua@gmail.com to obtain a quote and provide the following details:

- Number of people

- Location

- Date

- Time

*Large parties are required to pay a deposit upon booking

Disclosure: I will most likely get emotional and hug your mum and hang out with your Nan.


I guess every makeup artist has their "thing"and if I had to have a "thing" this is mine. Give me some models, a photographer and hair stylist and I'm on cloud 9. Prices can be negotiated based on what is required.

- Full Day X8 Hours 

 - Half Day X4 Hours 

* $100 Every hour over contracted/agreed time

Hit me up with your vision and lets get creative!



Lashes are included in all services at no additional cost!


Travel Fee

Travel fee's are charged for all call out services. A total quote will be provided upon booking. I have petite makeup space that clients are more than welcome to utilize to avoid paying the travel fee, however you have to be down with my two Persians, Bill and Ross staring at you and probably wanting to sit on your lap.


The logistics

- Full payment is required upfront on the day or at a time agreed upon by you and I.

- A deposit is required upon booking. Deposits are case by case basis and the amount is calculated depending on the size of the booking.  The deposit is non refundable if you cancel your service less than six weeks prior to your appointment.

- The agreed amount of makeups/payment are required to be followed through with on the day. For example; if you book in for five makeups, however one booking decides she would rather get her sisters mate to do it (no offence taken, I'm sure her sisters mate is fab) that booking still needs to be paid for (I would suggest getting someone else to fill the space). I use my skillz to pay the billz and I designate my time to my clients accordingly (♥ω♥ ) ~♪